Can raw weed get you high from eating?

Updated: Apr 27

There is nothing new about the idea of consuming weed rather than smoking it. Edibles are in reality one of the most common forms of eating cannabis, and they already make up a large part of the legal marijuana industry. But like anybody who's ever eaten an edible understands, you don't really consume raw marijuana while you eat edibles. So what will happen if you did, then? Will you get high after eating fresh weed? Here's what you need to learn about consuming raw weed. 2013 Study

Can you get high from raw marijuana eating?

You're in for a surprise if you wanted to get high after consuming those fresh blooms. Raw marijuana isn't going to get you high. You need to learn a little of cannabis chemistry to grasp why. Cannabis is made of chemicals classified as cannabinoids that exist naturally. These molecules enter the body and associate with the Endocannabinoid system as you eat and metabolize cannabis. Such experiences contribute to all sorts of movement and body shifts, influencing issues such as mood, appetite, sleep, pain and much more.

One of the effects is the sensation of being high. But you're just going to behave this way if your body has active THC, and as it turns out, raw weed doesn't really have THC readily accessible. Alternatively, non-psychoactive cannabinoid THCA comprises in a raw cannabis. Amazingly, the THCA can be "active" THC when cannabis is subjected to heat, and you'll feel high. That is what occurs when you burn the flower, or when you heat that to the point of vaporization. This cycle is called 'decarboxylation.' It's also why the herb needs to be decarboxylated long before an edible gets you high.

Yet this important move is missed when you consume raw cannabis. As a consequence, what you get is THCA, not THC, which means you're not going to get high.

If you're hell bent on consuming raw cannabis, don't worry about it. While you're not getting high from consuming fresh cannabis, you may still get some health benefits by consuming a leafy green herb. In reality, a growing number of people say that consuming raw cannabis may be a perfect way to access the medicinal and safety benefits of cannabinoids without having any psychoactive effects. Dr. William Courtney is one of the main supporters of direct cannabis consumption. He assumes that ingesting a whole plant is one of the healthiest ways to eat it. "If it's eaten as a leafy green herb, you get the entire plant profile," Courtney explained to Fox News.

Courtney frequently suggests raw weed to his patients. To date, he said he inspired about 8,000 patients to give it a try. And so far, good outcomes have been recorded. Courtney added by saying his patients are quite optimistic about using raw cannabis in their daily life.

Reference : Hightimes

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