What To Do If Your Weed Is Wet?

Updated: May 21

If your weed is wet, don't panic. Whether you've spilled a drink, or your weed is just a little damp, we're here to help. Here's how to determine if your weed is too wet, what happens if you smoke it, and how to dry wet weed safely.

When it comes to storing weed , you absolutely need to keep the right balance. Not too dry, not too wet, but just right. To get perfectly preserved buds, many articles focus on preventing your weed from drying out. But what if your weed is wet? And how do you know if your buds are just sticky, or just soaked?

Well, we are a little bit of ganja scholars. We have already covered the tips and tricks to preserve freshness and save too dry heads . Now is the time to see what you can do if your weed is too wet.


The line may seem blurred between soaked buds and a sticky perfection. Here's how to tell if your weed is fishy or not:

If it crashes when you gently press it, your weed is probably too wet. Of course, there has to be a little sticky. Perfectly refined buds seem sticky because they are covered with THC crystals. But they still have a little bounce (instead of crashing).

Even though the wet weed may seem a little sticky to the touch, it will actually not stick to your fingers. But that's what you want - buds that seem to have a little honey on the surface. If you have the impression that your herb would be in its place in the middle of Arab pastries (a bit like zlabia), it's good. If it seems a little waterlogged or spongy, you have a problem.


Smoking weed that is too wet is generally not dangerous. You will not melt on the spot, wicked Western Witch atmosphere. But, as with too dry buds, smoking too wet a herb can be unpleasant and unpleasant. You will probably find it difficult to grind, it does not burn properly and its taste is bad. And crucially, it is also possible that the wet weed does not make you hover as much (that's for sure, it should grab your attention).

But why would wet weed be less effective? It is not so much that moisture reduces its potency to a chemical level. The problem is that too wet buds are difficult to burn. In addition, having to relight your socket or gasket over and over again inevitably means that you will waste more of your reserves just by trying to burn them.

If you bought an herb that was already too wet, you may have been tricked. Obviously, a wet weed is heavier than perfectly refined weed. This means that you may have paid for the weight of the water when you last bought it. The general idea is that wet weed means more work, more waste, more money and less fun. Not really ideal.


Even though smoking a wet herb is not necessarily bad for your health, the longer your herb stays moist, the more difference there is. A humid environment is a breeding ground for mold, fungi and bacteria. So if you leave your weed wet for too long, you could end up with more problems on your arms. Smoking a moldy herb can lead to headaches, breathing problems, and even pneumonia. For this reason, if your weed is wet, it is best to dry it right away.

Whichever method you use, you should watch for mold in your weed before and after the drying process. If you notice that it smells a little like the old garbage, or that something visible is pushing on it, it is better to cash your losses and throw away your reserves. That being said, let's look at what exactly you can do if your weed gets wet.


Maybe you are a cultivator who did not ripen well, maybe it rained while your weed was in your bag, or maybe you spilled a glass. Honestly, maybe the weather is just incredibly humid. There are many reasons why your weed may be a little too wet. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to correct this.


If you've ever spilled a drink on your cell phone, you're probably already familiar with this method. Well, it turns out that raw rice is good for saving more than electronics. If your weed is wet, place it in a bowl or bag and cover it with rice.

Dry rice will absorb excess moisture and allow your buds to regain their glory. Depending on the humidity of your herb, you should leave them in the rice for at least 24 hours. If it is still too wet when you come back to see it, leave it for a day or two. Just make sure to leave the container with the rice open, so that the moisture can escape.


Is your weed wet? No worries — the case is in the bag. In other words, if your weed is a little too wet, you can dry it in a closed paper bag. Place the bag in a cool, dry place. If you have a dehumidifier on hand, it's time to turn it on. The bag will allow air to circulate, while protecting your heads from harmful light for trichomes.

You can also try wrapping your cannabis in paper towels before placing it in the bag. Like rice, the paper towel will help absorb some of the moisture. Replace the paper towels and flip your weed every few hours, making sure to watch for any signs of mold. This will also allow any residual moisture to escape from the bag (again, it is crucial to circulate the air).


If you are a grower, you are probably already familiar with the fight against mold and moisture. After a successful harvest, it is crucial to properly refine your buds . The equipment used for ripening can also be used to remove moisture from previously perfect buds. If your weed is completely wet, you might want to try the rice method first. If it is just a little too wet, try adding a humidipack to your airtight storage container. They not only remove excess moisture, but also add moisture when your weed dries too much. This is an added advantage. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally over dry your heads while you are trying to save them from drowning.


When the weed is too wet, it can be tempting to use the heat to dry it. After all, chances are you will want to smoke sooner rather than later. Despite this natural urge, it is important to avoid all shortcuts that involve light and heat.

Using a hair dryer, an oven, or even drying your weed in the sun can give you poor quality buds. This is due to the degradation of the trichomes by heat and light. What you gain in time, you could lose in power. In addition, you will also run the risk of drying your heads too much, which gives smoking sensations less pleasant and harder for the throat and lungs.


Wet weed is unpleasant at best, harmful at worst (thank you mold!). Even if accidents can happen, there are a few steps you can take to avoid the threat of excessive moisture on your reserves. The goal is to reach this area of ​​perfect balance. Freshness is always better and it all starts with a good storage of your cannabis. Store your herb in an airtight container and place this container in a dry, dark and cool place. Easy, right?

Glass jars are a good option, but if you really want to treat your herb well, invest in a specialized storage container.

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