Top 6 Fruits and Vegetables to Make Bongs and Pipes.

Have you ever been stuck without a bong or pipe? Here's a tip for next time: Go to the nearest fruit market.

Fruit and vegetable bongs are not only useful, but it's also very Interesting. It's a must-try at home!

Don't make fun of yourself before trying! Smoking your weed in a bong made from fruits or vegetables isn't just for the desperate or on the budget. It's a great idea for many reasons.

First, it's funny. Besides, it's always a good start to a conversation. Nor is there a single smoker on the planet who has never found himself in trouble at least for once. Having weed but being unable to smoke it? Look no further than the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator, or the bowl of fruit on the dining table.

In addition to that, you might also be pleasantly surprised. If you do it right and choose the right fruits and vegetables, the overall experience might have a little more flavour, if you will. Indeed, the taste of the smoke can be affected by the fruity or earthy taste of your homemade bong. And of course, smoked cannabis fruits are a great appetizer after you finish!

Remember the basics and you can't go wrong. All you have to do is poke your target with a sharp object. If necessary, use a pen. This creates both the hose and the mouthpiece. The passage through the fruit or vegetable is where you suck the smoke. Adequate placement is a matter of experience. Just remember that the smoke goes up. Fastoche. Be careful, peas are not ideal for making a bong.

Now let's take a look at our favourite products, which can be transformed into a nice smoking device!


Now that you've decided to use a plain bong or pipe, what are the best fruits or vegetables? Think about it for a second. It is mostly science and logic. Do not use soft. This means that bananas, tomatoes and strawberries are out of the game. Mushrooms are probably not a good idea either. Harder vegetables like carrots and beets will work, but they will need a little more work, as you will need to trim them.

Fruits and vegetables with a medium density work best.

The good news? Any fruit or vegetable with a hard, soft flesh and good shape will work. Here is our best selection from the market stall. Go to your nearest farmer or the supermarket and go for it.


The apples are perfect for this use. In fact, it is the favourite fruit of smokers when no bong is insight. The concave top of the apple is perfect for laying the grass, and the sides of the apple can be pierced several times. The tube is wide, and the smoke passes well through the flesh of the fruit. You might also be tempted to try pears. Try to choose them as long and as hard as possible. Otherwise, it is not worth the effort. Or spoil some grass.


Don't try watermelon, even if it sounds tempting! Other melons, like the Honeydew, are better, because their empty centers mean you can suck up too much smoke. Cantaloupes are perfect too. It may take a little more practice to make the puncture holes in the right place, but once you master this art, you can never go back.


If there was a fruit better suited than a water pipe, it would be difficult to find better. In addition, they go very well with Hawaiian evenings. Just cut the top off the pineapple so you can use it as a lid. Then recover the flesh from the rest of the fruit. Use a harder vegetable, such as a cucumber or carrot, to create the mouthpiece and socket. Drill two holes on the side of the pineapple. One is for the socket, which should be in the lower part of the fruit (under your subsequent water line). The other will serve as a mouthpiece. This should be close to the top of the fruit. Then insert into the mouthpiece and the socket (cucumber/carrot). Fill the pineapple with at least a few inches of water. Replace the cover. You are ready to go. And if tropical bongs turn out to be your specialty.


Are you the adventurous type? If the apple bongs are a bit boring for you, why not take a step up and challenge the Scoville ladder? Jalapeño peppers are excellent in the pipe if they are spicy. And they are extremely easy to transform: Just cut off the foot and the tip of the pointed end. The foot becomes the socket, becoming more of a chillum than a pipe. At the same time you can also create an opening near the foot on the top, instead of removing the foot completely, to use it horizontally as a pipe. Make sure you can get smoke out of the chilli, you will have to remove some seeds, and voila!


The versatile cucumber ... ideal for salads, garnishes, and to reduce puffiness around the eyes. But also perfect for smoking! Cucumbers are easier to dig than carrots, however, you will still have to make a little effort, because you have to clear a passage along the entire length of the cucumber. If you want to impress someone with your sculpting skills, go for it, but remember that you can always cut the cucumber and use a shorter piece.


One of the best vegetables to try is squash. Small pumpkins work as well. You can either create a bong or a pipe with a squash - it depends on the type of squash you take. A shorter, elongated squash is better for making a pipe. Prune in and vacuum. However, if your squash is larger, such as a pumpkin, consider making a pipe out of it. It is the perfect activity during the Halloween period, when pumpkins are available everywhere.


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