Top 10 Things To Do While Getting High

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do you like to hover? How would you like to broaden your horizons with some activities to do while getting high? So read our list of the 10 best things to do while soaring! Getting stoned is something people around the world like, and you can be sure that someone close to you is currently smoking (if not you). For most smokers, getting high is a very versatile experience, and there are many fun activities to do that are enhanced by this state of being superior.

Top 10 Things To Do While Getting High


Yes, it's a little weird to start a list of 10 “to do” things with “do nothing”, but seriously, it's quite an art. Watch your mind, take a deep breath, and just relax to enjoy the present moment. You are alive, and you are soaring.


Cannabis tends to match the body's energies. This is not something for all smokers, but those who are more physically sensitive often experience a higher understanding of the flow of energy in their body. After all, cannabis has a long history of spiritual consumption. Meditation, breathing exercises and yoga take on a whole new dimension. And for the most active among you: dance with the flow.


Listening to music is classic. What we call music suddenly turns into a three-dimensional organism emanating from the loudspeakers, taking you on a journey to fantastic realms. Music is no longer a simple entertainment: it is a living musical landscape that transports the spirit on a journey. Whatever music you like, it will work, but the new songs are the ones that have the most effect. If you are looking for new electronic sensations, artists like Kaminanda or Ott are sure to surprise you.


If listening to music isn't enough for you, grab an instrument, and make it yourself. It is even better if several people join you, and of course the more you can play an instrument, the further you can go. A Djembe is a good way to go on a tribal trip because you can master it quite quickly.


Exploring Mother Nature at night or during the day will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. Nature is already captivating without having smoked grass, but when you soar while enjoying a quiet lake, or when you stroll in a sunny forest, it looks like a real fairy tale. Also, biking is the closest thing to the feeling of flying.


The same spark that inspires you with a drum can unleash your creativity on a sheet of paper. Appreciated by artists for a long time, cannabis is famous for the creative potential it unleashes. So try taking a sketchbook, painting, or any form of creation and let yourself go. Even better, combine with point 6 and go out into nature with your sketchbook.


If you feel the soul of a philosopher and want a cosmic inspiration, McKenna is always effective: "You must seriously consider the notion that the understanding of the universe is up to you because the only understanding of the universe that will help you is your own understanding. If these words touch you, you will be happy to know that an infinite source of his wisdom is available on Youtube.


Cannabis has an image of laziness and lethargy. Sure, the grass can nail you to the couch if you've smoked a lot of a strong Indica, but you can also take the Sativa path. A good Sativa will comfort you naturally, but with a cup of coffee, you'll be ready to go and get to work. Being seriously productive is even better when you're high.


It is said that the excess of good things is impossible. While this may not be the case for - say, for example - fried chicken, cakes, and ice cream, this proverb definitely applies as part of the good old weed. Maintain the perfect effect and continue to puff, gradually and gently, and ride the cannabis wave until bedtime.


Sex is good. Sex is wonderful. And it's even better when you hover. The grass makes the whole body sensitive, making each caress even more joyful. Discover these top 5 varieties for erotic and exotic adventures. The stimulation is more intense, time passes more slowly, and the orgasm takes you very high. Make sure that your partner is also high so that you are in complete harmony. Cannabis can even improve your sex life!

These are few unique things you can do, apart from the list you can do plenty more from watching movies to heading out for a concert or even just munching on some snacks. Choice is always yours.

Comment below what you do when you're high, let us know if you do something out of ordinary.

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