Top 10 Netflix shows to watch when you are high

Updated: May 11, 2020

Here we have made a list of the top 10 Netflix series to watch under the influence. There you will find a compilation of the most fun, disturbing, visually appealing and entertaining programs available in Streaming. Catch a bong and a friend and get ready for immersion in the fantasy world of Netflix. "Netflix and Chill" has become a phrase worthy of a grin that can be found everywhere on all dating apps around the world. Fortunately, the stoners have managed to reclaim this slogan to represent the incomparable feeling of a non-stop serial session without other compromises than a good firecracker. Now that streaming services have reinvented the TV wheel, viewers have more access to content on the edge of creativity than before. "NETFLIX AND CHILL" TAKES A DIFFERENT WAY WITH THIS LIST OF SERIES TO WATCH ABSOLUTELY

So what are you waiting for? Fill your bong, eat an edible product , find your butane torch and gather food and friends - it's high time to turn on Netflix. The following is the top 10 of the Netflix series to look stoned - some are psychedelic, others hilarious and theatrical, and some are standards proven to be timeless. It may go without saying that you should dodge series that are not available in your country's Netflix. Streaming via the other paid options is also a good idea, or you could go down the good old nostalgic road and open those few DVD boxes that go back a long time. Do as you see fit, but be sure to add these 10 series to your playlist!


It's about four friends who challenge each other with a series of awkward and outrageous dares. If any of the four refuses to complete a dare, he loses and must endure the punishment. This show is an absolute treat to watch. It will have you laughing your ass off 24/7 especially when you’re high. What's truly amazing about the show is just the bond between the four jokers, and how they turn that bond into priceless humor. A perfect show to watch with your buddies when you’re baked and maybe relive some pranks you played on each other.


This animated series geared toward adults follows a police department that doesn't do a great job of protecting the backwater, small town where it is located. The officers on the force are bad not in the sense of being no-nonsense or cool, but bad in the sense of doing a poor job of policing the town. With cops like these, there's no need for criminals. Leading the crew is Chief Randall Crawford, who is voiced by "SpongeBob SquarePants" actor Tom Kenny.

This show is disgusting, stupid, juvenile, gross, and lazy and you’ll love it because nothing really makes sense when you're high. They make fun of everything and it will definitely give you some quick laughs, the characters are oddly likable because of their weird characteristics. In all, it's smart but also dumb. The fact that nothing makes sense of the show makes it more enjoyable to watch when you’re high. Definitely recommend watching when you're stoned.


Arrested Development has such a stressful plot that you will beg for a joint (or six) by the end of the first episode. If you've ever felt like life was giving up on you, then put yourself in the place of Michael Bluth, then everything will suddenly be much better. The series pulls out wonderfully in the evolution of the characters as the seasons go by, so much so that you will love them all by the time you finish all the episodes. Netflix relaunched it in 2013, then more recently in 2018 and we are delighted that they made this choice. Arrested Development deserves to be reborn and deserves to be watched with friends and better still, with superb weed.


If you were to imagine puberty as a living entity, what will come to mind? In the case of Big Mouth, it would be Maurice, the hormonal monster who shares his wisdom and shows the way at each turn. Of course, by each turn, what we mean is each surprise erection, each evening with friends, each dream more than annoying, each bar mitzvah (yes, we did say bar mitzvah). The best part of Big Mouth is the eloquence with which everyone's concerns during the transition to adulthood have been captured. On more than one occasion, you will find yourself under the yoke of a frenzy of laughter fueled by a good Sativa, while rethinking both where what you watch happened to you.

# 6 THAT '70S SHOW

There are few series that stands the test of time. Fortunately, that's the case with That '70s Show. Released for the first time in 1998, the 200 episodes of the sitcom are all as funny as they were 20 years ago. Even if you don't find that the punchlines are as funny as they were, it's still interesting to see famous faces, but much younger. The episodes of less than 20 minutes (without the intro or the outro) are short enough to allow you to enjoy them while hovering as soon as you wake up, but long enough to be memorable. We recognize ourselves in the characters and the difficulties of youth are still present today. That '70s Show must be one of the pillars of the entertainment arsenal of any stoner.


The inbetweeners is a British sitcom originally aired in 2008-2010 with 3 seasons and now is available on Netflix. It revolves around four socially troubled high school friends as they grow from their teenage years to adulthood. It's one of the greatest comedies made according to the viewers of this show and we definitely agree with it. It's very funny and well written and highly entertaining, considering you are baked it will level up a notch. The Inbetweeners you feel the humiliation and awkwardness - as well as the growth spurts - of being a teenager all over again.


Should we really present this series to you? In general, opinions about Rick & Morty are divided: we understand humor, or not. If you are one of those who do not understand, then there is a beautiful pre-rolled blunt with your name on it. Watching episodes of Rick & Morty while hovering is like opening Pandora's box. All of a sudden, you understand the least of Rick's motivations, his most foolish plans, and his quirky sense of perspective. If you already enjoy watching cartoons while hovering, then ... then nothing at all, you also deserve a good blunt! Rick & Morty is a journey into the strangeness of the spirit of its creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Sit comfortably and make sure you are stable on your sofa using a powerful Indica.


On the verge of being canceled, huge public support has brought Brooklyn Nine-Nine back from the ashes. Not only do you owe everyone who signed the petition to continue the series, but you should also offer everyone a seal. Ok, maybe not everyone, but at least you should roll one with your favorite strain and remember why the show is so loved. Peralta does it every time. Charles is the sidekick we all need and Gina well ... Gina is something else. Among the real jewels of the series, we find the running gags which pass from one season to another. All of this, in addition to the incredible casting, leaves you with no choice but to binge Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


British humor is a category in itself. We are not saying that it is better than another type of humor, but that it requires a level of coldness that is difficult to control. For The IT Crowd, sarcasm and gags between the acceptable and the clearly deplorable are commonplace. The cast is as eccentric as possible, but ultimately very offensive, which makes them even more adorable. Keep an eye on several of the secondary characters. Although their screen time is limited, they have absolutely cult replicas. We don't want to spoil you, you will know when it happens. Grab a socket, snacks and go for the 5 seasons, you won't regret it.


What do mobile homes, weed, alcohol, chases with the law, a kid with a gun, and bull seminal fluid have in common? Trailer Park Boys of course! Portraying the quirks of two ex-jailers - Ricky and Julian - Trailer Park Boys is a satirical comedy that attacks almost all existing stereotypes. The Netflix trailer where Ricky gets shot in the games should tell you everything there is to know, expect burlesque. The friendship between Ricky and Julian, despite a fragile start, develops into a Bromance of which we all dream. Ricky and Julian are the perfect buddies as they try to endure everything the trailer park is trying to put on their backs, including growing a ton of cannabis.

While there are many more shows you can watch while you're high, these are few of our top favorites. Lets us know what you think about them and comment below your own list or what you think about the above list. Like it and share it with smoke buddies as well.

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