The Real Story of 420: Waldos

The "Four Twenty", or 420, is the subject of much ink today, especially in the United States, and very little in India. Normal, this day, April 20, celebrates the consumption of cannabis. The origin of the term is rather vague. The most likely explanation is a group of five American teens who met at 4:20 p.m. to smoke together. Leaning against a wall, a wall, they called themselves "waldos", like the Grouchos: Waldo Dave, Waldo Steve, Waldo Jeff, Waldo Larry, and Waldo Mark. History has it that every day, in chase of being a local legend and from a map they had been given, they went in search of an abandoned weed plantation in Point Reyes, by a customs officer, but never found anything. The term was popularized by Waldo Dave's big brother, who knew Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, and used it during their tours to refer to their consumption of grass. How do we know the true origin? For a long time, the Waldos have tried to hide their true identity. But faced with the various rumors around the origin of the term 420 (Bob Marley's birthday, the code used by the police to designate drug-related crimes, etc.), they decided to reveal the real reason: their smoking break schedule, and the code name they had created to hide it from those around them. The 420 is now the occasion to wink at the Waldos, an occasion for which the stoners of the countries where cannabis is legalized gather and communicate by smoking their heads. We could see huge rallies in the big cities of the USA, and 500 recalcitrant Anglo-Saxons to try to celebrate this day in Hyde Park, but quickly stopped. The term 420 now also covers everything related to cannabis. And as an element of counterculture, all the clocks in the Pulp Fiction film indicate 4:20. Wink or coincidence?

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