The Best Way To Store Your Weed

Updated: May 28

Weed is usually sold in inexpensive packaging that is only designed to allow you to transport it safely at homes, such as plastic or paper bags. While a plastic bag can temporarily keep your herb fresh, it's important to upgrade to a better storage option if you want to keep it for more than a few days.

As a cannabis lover, you know there is nothing worse than smoking a dry, crumbly old herb. Ganja that is not stored properly will lose its flavor and potency, and very often its inhalation will get worse over time. But how do you keep your weed fresh for as long as possible? Discover the best ways to store your ganja!


Keeping our weed clean can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of that weed and its effects. Although cannabis does not have an expiration date, it still needs to be stored with the same care and attention as a good bottle of wine or an old whiskey.

Normally, when properly stored, you can expect your weed to keep for 6 months or more. With a few long-term storage methods, you can even keep it even longer, up to twelve months or more.

On the other hand, how and where you store your weed will greatly affect how long your supply remains optimal for consumption. Moisture, light, and heat degrade cannabinoids, and storing weed in unopened pouches will cause it to dry out too much. If your heads become completely dry, the smoke will be aggressive and much less flavorful. Likewise, if your weed is kept in a place that is too humid, mold could ruin your entire supply in the short term.


Several factors come into play for proper grass storage, and each of these must be considered if you want to keep the buds as fresh as possible. With proper care and measures, the herb can last six months or more with minimal loss of quality. The first thing you need to understand are the environmental factors that cause your herb to degrade. These factors are humidity, temperature, light, and air.


Humidity is important because it is an environmental factor in the appearance of mold and mildew. Maintaining the correct humidity level ensures that contaminants that would otherwise cause mold and rot never settle. The ideal humidity level for storage is between 59% and 63% . A lower humidity level reduces the risk of the mold but can also dry the buds too much, thus eliminating essential oils.


The temperature at which you store your buds is important for two reasons. First, temperature also has an impact on the likelihood of mold growth. Molds thrive at a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, making it essential to store your buds cool.

Heat is the first and most obvious factor to avoid, as heat dries your grass and reduces its potency.

Low temperatures also slow down the breakdown of THC and therefore the loss of potency. Never freeze your buds if you plan to smoke them, even in a container. Such cold temperatures cause the trichomes carrying cannabinoids to freeze and crumble, making them very prone to detach from your heads.


UV radiation is harmful to the integrity of cannabinoids. If they are exposed to light for too long, the harvested buds begin to lose power as the THC breaks down. It turns out that sunlight, like most other forms of light, contains UV in one form or another. Make sure that no matter where you choose to store your buds, it's in the dark.

Light can also damage the trichomes, which are the resin glands responsible for the stickiness of the grass. While you need to be careful not to dry your grass too much, too much moisture can lead to mold and bacteria growth. Finally, too much movement and manipulation can cause detachment of the trichomes.


Air plays several roles. Although your cannabis plants need a constant supply of fresh oxygen during their growth, too much oxygen can speed up the decomposition process in harvested buds. Air will also affect humidity, especially if your heads aren't completely dry. This is why making sure your heads are stored tightly is the way to go.


You should keep your ganja away from heat, moisture, and light when you store it. A cool place (15-21 ° C) and away from light will be perfect. If you have a cellar, this will be optimal. To preserve your buds, use a glass can of 1L with a gasket, you can find it almost everywhere. A tight seal allows you to be sure they will be protected from air and moisture. When you put your buds in the glass can, make sure to fill them in ¾. The less air there is in the can, the better your weed will keep. If you need to keep a smaller amount of weed, just use smaller cans. When stored in this way, respecting its factors well, your ganja can be kept for a year or more.

There are also many inexpensive, commercially specialized products ideal for long-term storage of the herb.


Everyone, at one time or another, has stored their herb in plastic bags, and this is, unfortunately, the preferred method of storage for many experienced smokers. However, plastic bags have several flaws that affect the potency of the herb.

In addition to letting in light and heat and favoring the accumulation of moisture, plastic bags generate static electricity which can cause the grass to break and deposit on the walls of the bag. When this happens, a lot of THC is lost, and smoking weed stored in a plastic bag is often the guarantee of harder smoke.


As an alternative to plastic bags, many people believe that wrapping their grass in aluminum and putting it in the freezer will keep it fresh longer. This method does not work, and for several reasons. First, temperature variations can affect freshness and can lead to the growth of bacteria.


Once you have found the perfect airtight glass jar, there are still several methods to ensure the quality of your herb. First, store your pot in a dark, cool place, such as a cupboard or drawer; then, avoid choosing a cupboard near a heat source. The heat rises, and that produced by the ovens and microwaves would dry out your grass.

Finally, avoid handling your herb more than necessary. Even if it's always tempting to show off your stock, or inhale the scent, be sure to open the jar only when you're ready for a cannabis treat.

Whether you need to keep your grass fresh for a day or two, or several months, it's important to limit exposure to air, light, heat, and humidity. A glass jar will protect your grass from these influences, but it will help you hold your grass in place so that the crystallized buds are not shocked and do not lose their resinous trichomes.

The next time you bring a bag of grass home, be sure to transfer your loot to pots, safely, so that you can enjoy a good dose of your favorite herb every time.


In the end, if you want to preserve the integrity of your buds for as long as possible, you just need a little common sense and a suitable container. It is easy to ensure that its buds remain as tasty and powerful as the day of harvest. You just need to know what can cause your herb to break down.

So, unless you never open the freezer door again, you can be sure your grass will be damaged. In addition, freezing the heads transforms the trichomes into mini-ice cubes which, by breaking, will make the grass less powerful. Finally, those who keep their grass in the freezer tend to handle it more often, which further transforms the grass into a pile of low-quality greenery.

How do you store your weed? Comment below

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