Mexico: Legalization of Cannabis postponed to September

Mexico has once again postponed the legalization of cannabis & hemp. The decision, originally set for April 30, was postponed until at least September due to the coronavirus pandemic and the suspension of legislative activities.

Because of this delay, legislators will have to adopt the legalization bill at their next scheduled legislative session, which runs from September 1 to December 15, according to

Before this last setback, the Justice, Health, and Law commissions, attached to the Mexican Senate, approved the project to legalize cannabis, an important step because it requires a consensus of all political parties.

This delay should, however, allow legislators to improve the measure. The key concerns are to improve social equity provisions, to provide protection for cannabis consumers and to ensure that the market empowers local farmers, especially those most affected by the drug war.

The bill would allow adults 18 and over to own and grow cannabis for personal use. Individuals could grow up to 20 plants as long as the total yield does not exceed 480 grams per year. Medical patients could ask to grow more than 20 plants.

Personal possession would be limited to 28 grams, but possession of a maximum of 200 grams would be made legal.

The Mexican Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis, a decentralized body created from time to time, would be responsible for regulating the market and issuing licenses to cannabis companies. The bill proposes a 12% tax on sales of cannabis, part of the proceeds of which would go to a drug treatment fund.

Public consumption will be permitted, except in non-smoking areas. Hemp and CBD would be exempt from the regulations applicable to THC products.

Once the legislation is passed, it could take months or even years to put in place regulations regarding the cultivation and sale of cannabis products.

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