Different ways to buy Cannabis/Weed in countries

India is not really a paradise for cannabis consumers, they are often doomed to go and arouse their cannabinoid receptors in countries where the law which either regulates cannabis more or is more lenient towards users. The cultivation and sale of cannabis remain most frequently prohibited, but consumption in the private sphere and the possession of a limited quantity is permitted in many countries today.

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In India

India is a country mostly made up of Hindus, who worship Shiva. In  Benares,  a city in northern India, cannabis is revered and for

good reason: Indian legends say that the gods sent hemp out of compassion for the human race, so that it attains pleasure, loses its fear, and increases his sexual desire. You can find it easily, although cannabis is completely illegal in India. The most severe penalties can go up to prison.

In the USA

In the United States, recreational cannabis is legal in nine US states  (but not yet implemented in the 9): Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Washington State, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts and Oregon. The prevailing system is that of dispensaries. Tourists are sometimes allowed to come in and buy their weed, 7 grams per day for example in Oregon, against 28 grams for the locals.

"Pass the blunt, dude"

In Denver, Colorado, since the legalization of recreational cannabis, Colorado has welcomed consumers from all over the world. The "Denver Cannabis Tour" is often full and allows you to make a real tourist route for a weed smoker. Many coffee shops will be there to welcome you. A district nicknamed "little Amsterdam" where you can find coffee shops but also full of shops selling cannabis products as well as restaurants with weed-based dishes. In Oregon, dispensaries are also plentiful. To date, there are even more than Starbucks or McDonald's! In Portland, growing cannabis is very important. And for good reason, it is the first American city to have hosted a cannabis dispensary. Every year in September the Hempstalk Festival is held, in homage to Marie-Jeanne.

In Canada

In Canada, cannabis is still illegal, but Justin Trudeau's government is expected to legalize cannabis as of July 1, 2018. However, in Vancouver (British Columbia), cannabis dispensaries are already installed and it is not uncommon to see some people smoking in the parks and on the beaches of this Canadian capital of the movement for the legalization of the drug. cannabis. Some restaurants cook or serve cocktails and cannabis dishes.

In Jamaica

“You're in Jamaica: C'mon and smile! The country of the famous singer and ganja smoker Bob Marley decriminalized cannabis in 2015. And cannabis is very accessible there: count $ 20 to have 50 grams with variable quality at that price. Jamaica has always had a reputation for being a laid back country covered with fields filled with cannabis plants. If you can't find anyone openly selling cannabis, you can always ask “I'm looking for some Dingki dough”.

A famous expression in patois: Pass a lighter so I can light my Joint

Jamaica had plans to open cannabis kiosks at the airport, a project that has not yet seen the light of day.

In the Nederlands

Of course, the most famous city for getting cannabis in Amsterdam. Enjoying a firecracker, strolling on the canals, visiting museums and admiring the architecture remains the favourite activity of all European consumers. While the sale of cannabis to tourists has been questioned in recent years, it is still legal to be a foreigner and enter one of the city's many coffee shops.

In Belgium

Cannabis is illegal in Belgium, although its use was decriminalized in 2003. Belgians can grow one plant per person, which leaves room for troubleshooting.

In Spain

In Spain, smoking cannabis is tolerated in the private sphere but its consumption is not the subject of legal proceedings. To obtain cannabis, consumers often turn to Cannabis Social Clubs, declared, non-profit associations made up of adults who pool their know-how to manage the production and distribution of limited quantities of cannabis between his members. Barcelona has almost half of all clubs in Spain and consumers can enjoy their favourite weed legally as long as it is not consumed in public places.

In Swiss

In Switzerland, cannabis is illegal. However, hemp is legalized there, and the Swiss have recently put on sale “light cannabis” with less than 1% THC, in Swiss kiosks.

In addition, a new proposal has been put in place in Switzerland to legalize the personal use of cannabis.

In Germany

Cannabis is illegal in Germany, but its consumption is tolerated, even if the consumer obtained it through the black market. Cannabis-based medicines, however, have been sold in pharmacies since 2011. The cannabis community in Germany is very active and it is a real living culture. In Berlin, the famous Hanfparade in honour of cannabis is held every year in August.

Cannabis is widely available and easily accessible in most German cities, including cannabis resin from Morocco, India and Afghanistan. The weed comes from the Netherlands, but more and more productions are made locally.

In Morocco

Morocco is the second-largest cannabis resin producer in the world after

Afghanistan and the world's largest hashish exporter. Cannabis is illegal there, however, even though it can be found on every street corner. Chefchaouen e st pioneer city in the cultivation of hashish in Morocco.

In Nepal

Nepal is a haven for cannabis smokers. In Kathmandu, the capital of the country which lies in the middle of the Himalayan Cordillera, cannabis is sold in the streets, cheap. It is very powerful and of good quality.

In Nepal, cannabis was legal until the 1970s. But the country's police severely punished users at the behest of the US government. Today, discretion remains in order, even if cannabis remains a spiritual substance consumed by the religious of the country.


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Different ways to buy Cannabis/Weed in countries

India is a country mostly made up of Hindus, who worship Shiva. In  Benares,  a city in northern India, cannabis is revered and for
good re

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