CBD Could Help Fight Brain Cancer

Updated: Jun 6

Canine and human brain cell researchers have discovered that cannabidiol is effective in fighting glioblastoma.

Researchers who have studied canine and human brain cell samples have found that cannabidiol is effective in fighting a very aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma.

People diagnosed with glioblastoma generally have a poor medical diagnosis, and recent advances in research have failed to significantly improve their survival rate.

"There is an urgent need to continue research and find new treatment options for patients with brain cancer," said Chase Gross,

a doctoral student in veterinary medicine and master's of science at the University of State of Colorado, in a press release.

"Our work shows that CBD has the potential to provide an effective and synergistic therapeutic option for glioblastoma and that it should continue to be studied with vigor."

By publishing their findings in the FASEB Journal, Gross and his colleagues studied human and canine glioblastoma cells. They first tested the effects on these cells with CBD isolate, which is 100% CBD, and also with CBD extract, which also contains small amounts of other natural compounds.

After some research, scientists have found that CBD slows the growth of glioblastoma cells from humans and dogs. There appears to be a significant difference between the isolate and the CBD extract with respect to this effect.

"CBD has been studied with enthusiasm for its anti-cancer properties over the past decade," said Gross.

“Our study helps to complete the in vitro puzzle, allowing us to advance in the study of the effects of CBD on glioblastoma in a clinical setting using live animal models. This could lead to new treatments that would help both people and dogs with this very serious cancer. "

Gross and colleagues plan to assess the effects of CBD on animals with glioblastoma. Pending the success of this research, they hope to begin clinical trials of CBD as a treatment for brain cancer in dogs at the Colorado State Veterinary University Hospital.

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