5 things to do if you overdose on edibles- What you can do if you overdose on edibles

Updated: May 11

For starters, you can't die from cannabis edibles.. While eating too many edibles can certainly inspire a nasty time, overdosing on edibles doesn't have long-term side effects.

It even happens to the best of us. Sometimes we hover too high. This is particularly the case when we eat edibles, and it's far from funny… really. The edible is a great way to treat or consume THC in general, but many people underestimate the power and abuse it.

They are found in different powers, so a piece of an edible in particular will not be equivalent to a piece of another in terms of power. In addition, it can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours for the effects of THC to be felt as THC and other cannabinoids enter the digestive tract.

Rather than a fatal or dangerous event, a “cannabis overdose” refers to too much cannabis consumption that you simply become uncomfortable. for a few folks, this might be twenty five milligrams of THC. For others, it may be one hundred fifty or additional.

However, it's vital to notice that to the present date, there has not been one rumored death caused by cannabis alone.

In any case, if you or a friend of yours has abused an edible, here is what you can do to bring it back down to earth:


If you eat too much THC-filled treats, you won't die, and you won't even need medical treatment. Time will do, even if you let it do all the work. That said, it helps to calm down, relax, and stay calm.

The effects of overuse of cannabis include increased heart rate, anxiety, paranoia, decreased reaction time, and in rare cases, mild hallucinations. Keep in mind that these reactions are only due to the weed, and that everything will return to normal at some point or another.

Take long, deep breaths, and try to pass the time in the following ways:

  • Taking a hot bath

  • Watching your favorite movie

  • Going to sleep at the bottom of your bed

  • Listening to your favorite songs

  • By lighting scented candles if that's your thing

  • Whatever you do, don't fight the effects of the edible. It will only make them worse.


Using marijuana can make you mushy and cause cravings. Edibles can do the same. If you have abused it, then dehydration will only make things worse. To hydrate yourself, choose water or sports drinks. Caffeinated drinks will only dehydrate you even more, and alcohol will increase the effects of THC.

THC dissolves in fat, so eating something simple, easy to prepare, and even if no serious research proves it, a little fatty, could help rid your blood system of this molecule. And even if it isn't, just eating and drinking will distract your mind and make you feel less hovering. It is not for nothing that certain foods are said to be comforting.


If you don't always have black peppercorns on hand, then add some to your first aid kit. The simple fact of sniffing them is sometimes enough to calm the anxiety and paranoia of some people. Otherwise chewing them makes the effect of the sun on Icarus' wings and instantly brings down the one who hovers too high. Take the test, we can swear it works, even the research agrees.

Do you think this is a myth? Okay, so here is your daily dose of science. Like weed, black pepper contains terpenes which can bind to the brain's endocannabinoid receptors. When pepper binds them to these receptors, they act as a barrier to THC. As soon as your brain is less stimulated by THC, your high will start to go down. You see, it's proven!

Lemon limonene and pine nut pine nuts appear to do the same.


Are your thoughts running and you can't relax? Instead of fighting this phenomenon, stand up and do something. Leave driving and dangerous machinery aside until you feel yourself again. From the moment you stay in a familiar environment and you don't feel feverish, then go for a run, go for a walk, or do a little yoga.

Not only is exercise a superb distraction, but the chemical processes responsible for the runner's legendary euphoria can calm the effects of edibles when they are out of control. Sport causes your body to produce an endocannabinoid called anandamide, which can help in the way that black pepper can help. In addition, increased breathing and blood circulation will help speed up the natural process by which your body gets rid of THC.


Science and experience have proven it, CBD works directly against THC. A cannabis with low CBD and high in THC naturally offers more cerebral effects. As the level of CBD increases compared to the level of THC, the opposite effect occurs. The effects become milder, calmer, more soothing, more physical, and above all much less psychoactive.

So if you feel like you're hovering too high, try consuming CBD oil, for example. You could also ingest an edible containing almost only CBD. But it would take as long to calm you down as it did to hover. Instead, keep a little CBD oil under your elbow for such occasions. If you don't live near a dispensary, CBD oil remains legal and available to order in many countries and many states.

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