5 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

A growing body of scientific research finds all the same results: that alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis.

While the prohibition of cannabis is still very real, there is an intoxicating substance far more dangerous for society than cannabis and yet widely available. It's alcohol. Fortunately, the idea that alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis is starting to spread, but it is taking time. To help spread the word, here are five reasons why cannabis is safer than alcohol.


Any substance can be toxic if consumed in sufficient quantities: even drinking too much water too quickly can shock the body and stop the functioning of organs. However, the lethal dose of cannabis is so high that it is impractical for a person to consume the amounts necessary at a rate sufficient for cannabis to become toxic. It is generally estimated that 680 kg of cannabis should be consumed in 15 minutes to have a risk of overdose. Cannabis cannot kill. The same cannot be said for alcohol. One can very easily die from alcohol consumption and it is one of the most toxic everyday substances. In general, it is recognized that the consumption of an amount of alcohol 10 times greater than the intoxicating basic dose can cause an overdose, which leads to insane amounts of death each year. The World Health Organization estimates that 3.3 million deaths were due to alcohol in 2012 alone.


There is a popular legend that cannabis use damages and kills brain cells. However, these claims are not supported by science and are mere attempts to demonize cannabis. Recent studies show that cannabis has neuroprotective and neurogenerative qualities , which means that cannabis protects brain cells and even stimulates the creation of new cells. Once again, the same cannot be said for alcohol, which science has shown to be a cause of brain cell death.


The anti-cancer effects of cannabis have been the focus of much research and scientific reports and testimonials highlight the potential of cannabis. Even cannabis smokers have lower cancer rates than people who do not use cannabis, in one of the largest controlled studies to have ever been done on the subject. When it comes to the link between alcohol and cancer, it's red across the board. Alcohol consumption is associated with the development of cancer of the lungs, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, colon, liver and prostate. Full carton for alcohol.


All the scientific research on cannabis addiction indicates that the risks of becoming addicted to cannabis are negligible, if they really exist. And this goes back to the year 1999, in a report commissioned by the American congress which discovered that "addiction to cannabis was rare and when it did happen, it was much less serious than addiction to alcohol or nicotine . This is because cannabis is not physiologically addictive, but in some rare cases, it can cause psychological dependence. On the other hand, alcohol causes severe physiological and psychological addiction. This is worsened by the accumulation of alcohol tolerance, which causes consumption in ever higher amounts among alcoholics.


It's no secret that those who use cannabis are generally peaceful, funny people, especially when they are soaring. A joint smoker is more likely to have cravings or to want to cuddle than to cause a confrontation. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the world's most intoxicating intoxicant. Alcohol consumption often (but not always, and not with everyone) causes violent behavior, especially in the context of excessive consumption. A study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research found that 36 percent of hospitalizations due to assault and 21 percent of all injuries were due to alcohol use by the injured person. These are significant figures and enormous pressure on health services. All of this shows that while governments are happy to wage war on a relatively harmless substance, they support a much more dangerous and yet more readily available substance. It is time to put an end to this madness and hypocrisy.

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