25 Activities To Do While High

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

You are about to relax by smoking your favorite strain. Whether you are an occasional or regular weed smoker, you have noticed that you tend to always do the same things when you consume weed. Exchange a few lines in a chat with friends to have a few laughs or smoke a joint in total solitude to relax by Rick & Morty on TV. After a few minutes you are seized with chemical hunger, a desire that many try to satisfy with sweet and savory snacks or "junk food".

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with following this path! However, there are so many fun activities that it would be a shame not to try them. Especially with the right cannabis strains, some activities turn into truly stimulating experiences. Even the most boring daily activities will become extraordinary!


Here are 25 activities that you can do when you are under the effects of marijuana, along with the most suitable varieties for each individual activity. Don't just try one or two, but try all those that will interest you!


Smoke some weed and then go for a walk around the city, in a park near your home or just go around the block of your neighborhood when high. You will experience every environment in a completely new way. Suddenly, you will dwell on small details that you have never noticed before. At first, it may be a little difficult to find the right motivation to go out walking. However, once found, you will immediately notice how beautiful it is. Walking at a fast pace you may feel yourself floating with each step. Physical activity also helps stimulate brain activity, intensifying and possibly prolonging the effects of marijuana.


It might seem an all too insignificant choice, but obviously we don't mean any film. You may also find something interesting on television, but some films seem to be made for viewing under the effects of cannabis. The sense of humor, the casual situations and the often ridiculous plots of "stoner" comedies will completely glue you to the screen. Not to mention the most artistic or critically acclaimed films that can be just as interesting, or even your favorite animated film. Click here for a list of the Top 10 Netflix shows to watch when you are high.


Even when sober, video games have the ability to suck the player and completely lose the conception of time. The effects of marijuana add an even more exciting dimension to the virtual gaming experience. The colorful graphics and special effects seem even more vivid, increasing the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a mission. You can start a game in single-player mode, challenge a group of friends or play online in multiplayer mode. Also, it might be interesting to note if this altered mental state also increases your player skills.


Put on a pair of headphones to fully immerse yourself in the music or listen to it in the loud stereo and let the melodies spread throughout the room. The rhythm, beats, voice and every little sound effect seem to emerge more clearly when listening under the effects of cannabis. Even your favorite tracks will have a new flavor. We also advise you to listen to new musical genres, even those that normally do not fall within your preferences. In an altered mental state you may end up appreciating new musical styles. The deep house has a repetitiveness in which it is easy to get lost, while ambient and reggae music have the ability to relax deeply. Jazz or heavy metal can also prove equally interesting.


Even if you're not a fan of writing , it might be fun to see what happens when you put a pen on a sheet of paper. Maybe you will write a ridiculous story, which will be a lot of fun to reread once you are sober. Or you'll find yourself putting all your emotions black and white in a personal letter dedicated to someone. It can also be fun to write lists. You can't even imagine what can come to your mind by making a bucket list when baked. You could also make a whole new list of things to do when you're high. We advise you however to reread all these sober ideas before making them under the influence of the weed.


The substances that expand the mind can stimulate your creative streak, giving you the right push to concentrate on some artistic projects. Brilliant ideas will pop out one after the other, with colorful visions that will facilitate inspiration. And even if they aren't that exciting, the process will still be fun. Go ahead and start drawing, painting, composing music, creating graphic elements or anything else you want to do. It could even end in an absolute masterpiece.


Sooner or later, you will be hungry. Instead of ordering a pizza or stuffing yourself with chips, try something completely new. Order a dish you have never tried before and let its flavors and aromas surprise you. You could possibly think about it a few hours in advance in order to have all the food you need. Start cooking to see what creative food combinations you can invent, adding a completely new line of cooking specialties to your personal collection.


The right cannabis strain can make you very talkative. In a group, this can facilitate funny jokes alternating with stupid jokes or deeper and more interesting conversations. When you are alone and want to talk to someone, call a good friend and let yourself be dragged into a completely new world while you are in the grip of the vibrations of the grass. Call an old friend you haven't heard from for some time, with whom you may have had problems in the past. Now you may find the right words to open up, speaking in a way that didn't seem possible before.


Some strains will give you an energy boost combined with a greater concentration ability. Take advantage of this opportunity to do something productive. Often there is little desire to clean the house, but doing it under the effects of marijuana can seem like an almost therapeutic activity. Completely rearranging the cabinets and sideboards can be very relaxing. Finish the work accumulated over time or go ahead with the work, for example rolling a large amount of rods.


After consuming cannabis, the emotional connections will become more natural and you will be able to lower your guard more easily. Provided that your partner is also under the effects of cannabis, making love is the best idea ever. All your senses will intensify and each caress will be charged with electricity. You may completely lose track of time by going on for hours, especially if you've put in the right music. Sharing a rod with your partner before having sex can make things much more exciting, improving the sexual life of a couple.


Don't you think it is the most relaxing thing to do after consuming grass? Slip into a magnificent hot tub filled with hot water and feel millions of bubbles tickling all parts of the body. Not sure where to find a jacuzzi? Take a hot bath full of scented foam and create the right atmosphere by lighting a few candles and putting some music on. You will hardly find anything better!


Today you feel more mentally open and you notice a slight and pleasant numbness that is slowly growing within you. This is the ideal time to do some yoga. You will find how relaxing it is to focus on your breathing and how pleasant it is to stretch and stretch your limbs. How far can you bend forward now? In addition to yoga, meditation can also be an excellent option or even a combination of both, adopted by many styles of yoga.


Some strains give an instant boost of energy, making you want to do some physical activity. Let yourself be carried away by the current and dance if that's what you feel inside. You could release the same endorphins by doing many other things, like a little cardio exercise or sports. Going jogging in a park or participating in an aerobics class could be a lot of fun. As long as it is simple and easy to perform, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the activity. Instead, you should avoid the more complicated and potentially dangerous ones, such as cycling in traffic.


Come out to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the world around you. Mother Nature never seemed more welcoming and a trip to the woods or a walk on the beach can become extremely pleasant experiences. If you don't feel like going too far from home, simply sit in the backyard or on the veranda. The gentle breeze on the skin and the chirping of birds will make the difference.


Prepare any board game or a simple deck of cards. Games like Jenga or Monopoly can be a lot of fun, although playing it correctly could be a real challenge. But even when the rules are no longer so clear, you will be able to have a good laugh. But there are also other equally fun party games. Think of "obligation or truth", "things I've never done" or "things you'd like to do." Imagine everything that could come to your mind under the effects of cannabis.


Giggles and incessant snickers are always fun and positive, but in addition to joking, you can also guide the conversation in a completely different direction. The effects of cannabis can create the right atmosphere for an exchange of ideas among those present, all in tune with mutual mental processes. But they can also help you finally find the words to describe your deepest thoughts, talking about things that you always tried to avoid in the past. Philosophies of life, passions and ideas. Who knows how far you will go.


If you feel like doing something active while sitting, there are many fun smoking tricks you could try. If you are in the company, these activities will entertain everyone present. Who is able to exhale smoke in the most original way? Making perfect smoke rings is the first challenge that comes to mind, or getting large quantities of smoke out of your nostrils like a real dragon. On YouTube you can find a thousand other interesting activities, from underwater smoke bubbles to ghostly puffs. The options are endless and you can sharpen your skills by trying them every time you smoke.


Instead of watching a movie, read a book and use your imagination to play an even more compelling film in your head. In this way your most fantastic world will emerge. Imagine that you are the protagonists of all these adventures. The type of book you choose will depend only on your personal preferences. Some may prefer a short work of fiction, others immerse themselves in a much deeper book without being able to take their eyes off until they fall asleep. Fairy tales and fantasy stories are among the most popular choices. Opt for Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland.


Close your eyes as you listen to some great cannabis podcasts, letting all the information penetrate your brain. Some podcasts are very educational, while others are full of cannabis jokes or interviews. Click here to see our list of the best podcasts to listen to on cannabis. In addition to podcasts, YouTube also offers several interesting videos to watch when you're in the right mood. Terence McKenna's videos, for example, are quite popular, as his philosophical topics are very inspiring.


The effects of cannabis already make a movie seen on TV extraordinary, but watching it on the big screen can make things even more exciting. Eat some popcorn, enjoy the enhanced visual effects and let yourself be absorbed by the power of the surround sound system. Multiplexes with IMAX projection system offer a "full immersion" experience, while films with 3D effects will completely disrupt the world you are used to. Today, you can find some cinemas that project 4D films, stimulating the senses already enhanced by the grass with a wide range of special effects.


Sometimes, the real world seems like a fantasy world when you are under the effects of marijuana, so going to a theme park goes perfectly. Going on the rides can be the funniest part for younger kids, while defying gravity and the horror tunnels is another story entirely. You should try going on a roller coaster! And if you don't live near an amusement park, you can breathe that sparkling air simply by going to an old playground. Just like when you were a child, the swing, the slide and the rocking chairs are always fun.


It doesn't matter if it is modern art or natural history, when you are surrounded by works of art you will find something to admire in every corner. And even if museums have never thrilled you, things can come to life if you have consumed weed. Looking at abstract and contemporary works, you could finally understand the emotion behind the work of an artist. Observing art closely could arouse all sorts of emotions in you, even just through laughter. Observing dinosaur skeletons or taking a trip to the planetarium can lead you to a completely new universe. Not to mention the interactive exhibits!


If you liked the idea of ​​a hot bath, take it to the next level and go to a wellness center. They will almost certainly have a jacuzzi and maybe even a swimming pool. Feel the water around you while you swim. Now that your body is more sensitive, enjoy the strong heat of the sauna or the light mist of the Turkish bath. Try also the manicure / pedicure or a deep massage that will change your life.


When you are in a good mood, venture into a bar or club where you can dance to loud music. Feeling more sociable, you will meet many people to chat with. And if it's a disco with laser images and smoke, even better! You will better enjoy your party.


Jump on the bed and make yourself comfortable under the covers, resting your head on a couple of pillows. Curl up in the heat, watch some television or listen to music. But you can feel just as well without doing absolutely anything. Some cannabis strains are perfect for sustaining a healthy sleep cycle, whether you want to take a good nap or enjoy a deep and restful night's sleep.


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