15 Problems Stoners Experience When They Are High

Have you ever wondered why your lighter goes missing all the time? Or why your friends never respect your movie suggestions? Congratulations, you have come across some of the many common issues with cannabis smokers. Here, we list 15 quite common problems when you are high.

We've all been there before, or at least, haven't we? You see, being a stoner comes with its occasional set of problems. Nothing serious eh! However, at the same time, it may seem like the sky is falling on our heads. And yet, ultimately, all these funny situations only end up being moments of fun and anthological memories between friends. Whether you've done it yourself or know someone involved in it, here's our list of the 15 problems every ganja smoker knows.


Imagine the trick: you are in full custody with your friends, talking to you with passion and fervour about your favourite movie and BIM! Nothing! But what the hell were you talking about just now? Everyone is staring at you with their mouths open as they wait for something to happen, but you can't seem to find the words or even remember what you were saying. Alright, everything's fine, maybe just a quick glance at the phone? You take it out and BIM, you still forget why you took it out! Maybe not the worst thing to experience when you're stoned, but be prepared to repeat this masquerade a few times throughout the evening! Trust us, we know what it is.


Ok, there are some things you shouldn't do when you're into driving for example! However, there are certain activities which at the time may seem interesting and yet should really be avoided if you are attacked. After that creative high, maybe you want to finish writing all those professional emails: hmmm, really not a good idea. You finally manage to formulate the bottom of your thought vis-à-vis a colleague or a client, but better to wait until Monday rather than having to suffer the shame that would result. The same goes for this tattoo that has been eyeing you for a long time. One thing leading to another, you would regret it and it is much better to make this decision on an empty stomach!


The worst villains on this planet. Okay, we can be a little abusive, but if you have that famous lighter that "  works every time  " you cherish dearly, there are risks that disappear shortly with these criminals around you! We wouldn't be honest if we confessed to having caught someone hand in the bag on a lighter theft, and yet they constantly disappear and there's always that person with ten in their jacket. The lighter thief is truly the cross and the banner of existence for all stoners.


Here is a problem that may make more than one smile or nod. How often does blinking get scary? You're under attack and in the middle of a conversation, then all of a sudden you become hyper-aware of the number of times your eyelids are wiggling. What is the normal frequency? Impossible to know. If you blink too quickly you are seen as a crazy ally, and if you stop suddenly, the person in front may be uncomfortable very quickly. No one appreciates a stare worthy of cadaverous rigidity in a social conversation.


Okay, again, maybe we're pushing it a bit too far. But having to make certain decisions under influence adds a whole new level of pressure. Everything must be done perfectly, at the risk of having the impression of ruining your evening or your effects. Whether it's an accurate and accurate take-out order of food from a merchant around the corner (no other choice) or finding the perfect movie to watch under the influence (no caption), everyone knows that being undone will necessarily bring out the worst in us.


For most people, it's easy to rationalize situations and reassure yourself that everything is going to be okay. However, under the influence, paranoia can sometimes enter the scene little appreciable. A brief moment after inhaling can cause intense sensations, leading you to believe that the police are about to break down your door or that aliens are likely and quite logically going to kidnap you or worse yet, think the oven is still on. alight! No matter what triggers these thoughts, and no matter how well-founded they may seem, they will slowly fade and you will laugh loudly later!


Ah, the indelible sign that a person is under the influence, the good old folks. This problem can make you very aware of your situation and cause you to believe that everyone is watching you (yet another manifestation of paranoia). This can be a big problem if you have to go outside during your smoking session and chat with anyone on the street. Going outside when you're under attack can be a real nightmare, so think about all those poor stoners who have to get out and navigate the real world to buy enough to sate their appetites. A pair of sunglasses and you're done! If not, you can use formulas designed for this problem like the Open Your Eyes product and that will be history.


Here is the author's own preferred problem. The number of pages that can be visited under influence is simply surreal. Whether you decide to watch some old 80s rock music videos on YouTube (highly recommended) or suddenly find out who invented Jenga (Leslie Scott, don't thank us), this research will undoubtedly push you to the deepest depths of the research. on the Web. Surely it's best not to try and guess how much time you spent/wasted doing this, but it's still good information (if really), so don't worry too much about it ...


You invited a few friends over for a smoking, eating and video games session. Everything is going very well until you get to that point in the evening where all of a sudden your focus is not what it was a few hours ago. You can blame lags or other players for as long as you want for missing that all-important headshot, but it's time to grow up and admit that being busted is surely affecting your performance. No worries, it will go away! Unless you're really bad at video games, and here we can hardly help you and there is only one thing left to do, get better.


Much like paranoia, getting visitors or calls when you don't expect it is really the best way to kill a good vibe. Trying to deal with these situations under the influence comes with its own set of challenges. Nothing will make you feel more aware of your condition than having to answer Jehovah's Witnesses on your front doorstep. Who knows? Maybe you'll dive headfirst into a really deep and entertaining discussion. Perhaps. Worse yet, and if you forgot that your family was due to disembark and now you need to hurry, cover up all the incriminating evidence of your more than intense session.


Whether in your store around the corner or ordering over the phone, you are surely likely to face this unpleasant situation. Trying to find your card or change to pay for your treats while a line of 10 impatient people crawls behind you can be a mess when you're stoned. Luckily, ordering online remembers that way, but don't go wrong when filling in the fields for your card details. Or, if you're about to make a spontaneous purchase that you don't really need, your future self will thank you for entering the wrong numbers ...


Here's a common situation: you've seen a great movie under the influence and you're sure your friends will love it. You describe a film that looks like a thriller filled with actions and crimes with incessant reversals of the situation and each one darker than the other with a frenzied and no-frills detective who will turn your head. It all sounds fascinating until your friends realize that you are talking about Crocodile Dundee, which you put down the night before by being attacked. Although at moment x the film seemed incredible and capable of breathing new life into everyone, it would seem that on an empty stomach and in the middle of the day, the situation is not the same.


One of the most common problems under the influence is unmanageable food cravings. While it's okay to be a little hungry, ordering a mountain of pizza after you've finished a big plate of nachos and agreed to order Chinese might be a tad bit overused. If you can finish it all, you will feel it pass. Again, there are other much worse problems!


What surrounds you is essential to have a good time under the influence, which is why quality furniture is essential! Slouched during a session, you might ask yourself, “Hey, this bed is really comfy. Has he always been? ". These will be your first and last thoughts before melting into a whole new universe of comfort where gravity no longer exists, a comfort so formidable that it is difficult to get out of it (and even more difficult to reproduce when you are sober)!


Sometimes an overwhelming urge to laugh seizes you under the influence, and of course, there's nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes it's best to hold back. If someone brings up a topic that is serious or important to them and you laugh out loud, you might be looked down on by the rest of the audience. This applies to multiple situations. Oh, and while it might sound like a great idea at the time, please don't think for a second of busting your head before a funeral.


As we have said several times, there are really some issues that are much worse than those present in our list. It's important to accept them and see the fun side of them if you find yourself in any of these situations.

However, if you are under attack too much, there are several steps you can take to get you back on track. While it's important to remember that the high will wear off eventually, switching to a high CBD strain will help you counter the highs of a strain too high in THC that would have thrown you into a disaster. Other tips recommend going out for a walk to clear your brain, take a shower, or just take your mind off things. You will be surprised to realize how much these tips can get you out of complicated situations! Take care of yourself and enjoy!

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15 Problems Stoners Experience When They Are High

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