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  1.  Do you have specific skills?

  2. Want to move forward on the subject of cannabis regulation?

  3. Do you think you have time available to give to the association?

To help, there is not necessarily need for money, it is enough to have time available and to be ready to give. Do you want to put your time and talents at the service of the association? So check out the positions below, maybe you will recognise yourself in the profiles we are looking for. 

These job descriptions may for some of them "sound" like a little too professional because of the missions proposed and the skills required, but these are indeed positions for volunteers (as we dream). There is, for the moment and in no case, any compensation or consideration for the accomplishment of these missions; however, expenses may be incurred in the context of some of them. 


We're Hiring


*Send your CV and Motivations to cbh.indian@gmail.com or write to us via our contact form.

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