About CBH

Who are we?

A bunch of cannabis enthusiasts who see the true potential of this marvelous plant. With years of research on cannabis plants, we've realized the enormous benefits of it which are not fully capitalized on in the current world and a large number of people have no idea about it and consider the plant a social taboo. 

What do we want?

What we want is to break the stigma around the cannabis plants with an approach to educate the masses of its true value. We are focused on a renewed approach to policing cannabis and a reframed approach focusing on the development of cannabis-based products for its medicinal use, recreational use and industrial use.

How can we achieve it?

We have aligned with a number of activists, people from the cannabis industry worldwide and advocates to try and develop a framework and policies to legalise cannabis for commercial use. We believe if more and more people are made aware of the true benefits of this plant our journey in legalizing and policing cannabis plants will get easier.

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